Info on Removing the baffle of CRF 230


I have herd from searching continuously, that one of the ways of improving performance is to remove the baffle, (located at the end of the stock exhaust.) My question is if i did this would i have to re-jet my bike? and if so how many notches (in or or lean???)

I am open to suggestions!

Your bike should run fine if just removing the exhaust baffle. I ran mine like that for a few months.

what happened after the few months???? dont tell me you froze it up.

No, it didn't freeze up. I then tried removing the airbox inlet and found that the bike ran "worse" because it was too lean. I purchased the full-power needle and 132 main jet. After installing those items, the bike ran better than ever.


Removing the baffle makes the bike leaner than it already is. You may want to go out with the fuel screw untill you can do a power up kit. When you do get the power up kit, and the main jet (and pilot if you are a canidate for it) you will need to remove the airbox lid.

As for freezing up, a engine will have to sieze up when it has no oil, or when the whole engine is glowing red and practally melting. Having the bike run leaner just means the engine is running hotter, more poorly, and is easier to overheat it.

If you're going to be riding the dirt out of the bike, do the power up kit as described in the stickey :cry:


Removing the baffle makes the bike leaner than it already is. You may want to go out with the fuel screw untill you can do a power up kit.

Okay, i get all the "it will run lean stuff", but you said that i would need to, "go out with the fuel screw." Where is this located? i have looked, and all i can see is the engine idle adjustment. Where is this "fuel screw" located????


The fuel screw is on the bottom front of the carburetor. Do an internet search and you should be able to find some photos. It looks much like a normal screw, but the head is a little longer. If you back it out too much, it could fall off.

To keep your engine running 'correctly' you need to balance air intake, fuel intake, and exhaust. Removing the exhaust baffle only changes one of those three, so your engine is no longer tuned properly. It will be much louder but you wont get much power gain unless you also open up the air intake and rejet. Having it out of balance will probably make it run worse than stock.

The fuel mixture screw is located at the bottom front of your carb. (hard to get at) Try turning it out(counter clockwise) 1/2 turn and see how it runs. If the bike runs well, and the exhaust doesn't emit much popping when decelerating, you should be good to go. If there is a little excess popping, turn it out another 1/2 turn 'till you get it right.

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