Art of the Motorcycle

I don't know how, but Memphis is getting the "Art of the Motorcycle" exhibit in the spring of '05. This exhibit broke attendance records at the Guggienhiem(sp) museum. Covers the history of motorcycles. I can't wait. Anyone seen this exhibit?

YES. Twice. Make sure you go. It's great. :cry:

Yep....saw it in Vegas the last weekend, spent ~6 hours in the hall wandering and drooling :cry:

No picture taking allowed though, and there were lots of security types watching....

Don't miss it if at all possible!!! :cry:

Saw it many times on Guggenheim's website.

Very proud to say I've owned two of the bikes in their exhibit: The 1984 Kawasaki Ninja 900 and more recently the Suzuki Hayabusa.

The Hayabusa is... beyond words...

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