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Hey Guys, I am gettin' ready to go to the Dunes (Glamus) for Thanksgiving. I was wondering what paddle I should I run, 6 or 8 scoop? My understanding is that less power, means less scoops. With a basically stock '04 DRZ 400E (snorkel off, no toil air filter, Tailpipe opened with hole saw, and it will be jetted by then). Do I have enough power to run an 8? I weigh 205 before gear. Greg


I just bought a 8 paddle per my buddy's recommendation. He is totally into dunes and he told me to get the 8 for my DRZ. The only difference is I have a full system Pro-circuit and the 3x3 air box mod - shouldn't be too much difference. I'm going next weekend for my first time - looking forward to it! Good luck :cry:

8 for sure and if you get it running really well and get good at sand riding then go for a 10 :cry:

Awsome guys! Thanks for the info, 8 it is! :cry:

Sorry for getting here late! I run a King's Turbo. It rocks, and all I've done on my bike is fixed the jetting and removing the snorkel. I don't have any trouble out in the sand. Except for explaining to some people that 4-strokes don't suck in the sand nearly as bad as they've been told.

Can somebody explain to me the theory behind choosing a 6-8-10 paddle tire?

Can somebody explain to me the theory behind choosing a 6-8-10 paddle tire?

Good question gyro i am interested too

the idea is that you need some tire spin for max traction at max power. the more paddles the more traction. with too much traction the engine will have a tendency to bog.

believe it or not you can get too much traction with a paddle!

6 paddles = 125cc bike

6-8 paddles = 250-350cc bike

8-10 paddles = 400cc and up

Ran my 03 Kawazuki KLX400R last year at Glamis bone stock with a 8 paddle tire, ran great! I wished i had a bit more power for the steep hills for 3rd gear used, but I have that power now. The only issue I had last year was the paddles slapping the swingarm inner fender (rear-shock guard)...Have fun! and watch out for the buggies and race trucks!!! It's a great time, but people die every year up there cuz there's sooooo many people!!! It's a blast though!!! :cry:

ive got an 8 paddle tire for sale that i used on my drz... once... at Pismo. let me know if you'd be interested.

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