KLX110 questions, upgrades for my son...

My son has a 2004 KLX110 and we are very happy with it. I would consider him an "agressive beginner". Anyway, we just came back from a 5 day trip to Durango, Colorado where we mostly rode single + double track type trails thru the woods. I just noticed that his bike could use a little more "ooomph" to power up some of the hills. The bike did OK but not as well as my daughter's stock XR80 on the climbs.

Sorry if this sounds dumb but I'm new to this stuff myself but what BASIC mods would you suggest? I'm counting on getting him a new pipe to start. If I do, is it mandatory to change the jetting? (one more thing I have no clue about). Any brand recommendations? I saw a BBR on a 110 at our local shop and it looked good. I saw that pipe on the Internet for $190.

Thanks for any help you can offer. :cry: :cry:

My reccomendations

Stage 1: Aftermarket pipe & Rejet, Revbox

Stage 2: Big Bore, Minior Engine Changes

Stage 3: Major engine work e.g race pistons

Hope this helps :cry:

The pipe will make a pretty good difference as the stock exhaust is pretty restricted. After that, I would look at an air box removal kit and rejetting. Then you could go down one tooth on the front if you need more umph. They are great bikes.

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