03 450

What can I do to this bike to make it better? I bought it used 5 days ago, and am used to a KX 500. Please let me know what I can do to improve this ride.

Get the suspension tuned for your weight. Add a JD Jetting kit...And thats about it. You have just bought yourself one of the best stock bikes around!Congratulations! :cry: :cry:

Make sure the suspension bearings are well lubed. I also agree with the previous poster, make sure the suspension is set up for you weight and ability. Just a couple of hints, be sure to always check and clean the air filter regularly. Change the oil often with the oil filter too. Keep the chain tightened to the spec in the manual. I have ridden many bikes over the years, all the way from 125 to 500 two smokes, and all the varieties of big bore four strokes. In my opinion, the CRF is about the best of the best, even in stock condition.

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