engine noise?

i fired up my 150.... first time since the crash :cry: .... anyways i had "hell" turning it on and with any little rev it turned off.... finally got it going but the engine was very weak and made a type of clickyidi clickidi noise ..... right after i turned it off, i didnt really give it time to warm up much.... Is this noise becuase it hasnt been started for so long and the crash clogged up the carb a little and needed to be cleaned out? I dont think i messed up the engine... what do you all think? :cry:

yea, try cleaning out the carb. taking it apart and cleaning it in gas works the best!, but try to avoid contact /w/ skin. use gloves of some sort. (no one like a smelly hand, worse cancer.) also you might want to change your oil. or just check the level of it.


the ride in which i crashed was fresh new oil so i dont see why i need to put new oil..... :cry:

Aresol carb cleaner kicks butt. The aresol has the power to dislodge things and really cleans up the carb, IMO, better than gas.

Check to see if your choke is stuck on a lil bit, i had that problem b4. Good Luck

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