05 WR 450 F Upgrades

I just purchased an 05 wr 450F and have heard many people talk about the many mods (clip the greay wire, change the throttle stop, and modify the airbox among others). Does anyone have any info on the 05? Is everything still the same? Also, do you purchase a new yz throttle stop piece? and what do you do to the 05 airbox? This is my first 4 stroke so any helpful advice would be much appreciated!

bkej, your are one of the first with an '05. rumor has it that most of the mods are valid, but nothing confirmed. if you could post a picture of the top of your air box, we might take a stab at it. your can is completely different from the rest, so post a photo of the too. does it have an insert? how far does your throttle turn?

Go have a look at Motman 393's site this should help you out.


doesn't Motman 393's site mostly deal with the 426?

I just took my 05 by the dealer and got them to cut the throttle stop screw and unplug the grey wire and the bike rips! Can't wait for GYT-R to come out with the muffler insert replacement (they say in about a month). The dealer said their info source said cutting the airbox open wouldn't have much of an affect. Anyone have an opinion on this?? :cry:

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