Today I got to ride my '05 KLX 300R

Went to Metcalf today and did the last 30mins of moderate riding to break the bike in (per owners manual) and then I rode it like I stole it.

All I got to say is THIS IS A F*#KING AWSOME BIKE!!!!!!!!!!

I pulled the butt plug and opened her up and I love the power. Took her on the motocross track and tried a couple of doubles and a tabletop and I have no complaints about the suspension at all. Me 5’9” 175lbs. In fact, my buddy thought it was too stiff compared to his CRF 250X.

I am really impressed with all of the mistakes the bike was willing to let me make without punishing me for them. There were several times I should have gone down on some loose rocks, but the rear end would some how straighten back up.

Anyway, I love the bike and I will tell everyone that is looking at this bike to buy it. Buy it now.

Thanks again to everyone who posts on this forum. I wouldn’t have even looked at this bike if it hadn’t been for ya’ll.

:cry: :cry: :lol::cry: :cry: :cry:

Thirtle - :cry: :cry: :cry: Congrats on the new KLX! Make sure you do the rest of the free mods. Check them out at Also, since you have a CA bike, you're going to need to replace the needle in the carb if your dealer hasn't already. Put in the 49 state needle or better yet, a dynojet kit. The CA model KLX will run like crap and dangerously lean if you don't rejet for the free mods. Have fun. The KLX is a great ride.

PS - IMO, I would not advise breaking the bike in per Kawi's instructions. I'd ride it hard. Here's a good site that will tell you how to do it. I broke mine in "easy" and have had an underpowered (compared to Corey and another Buddy's KLX) engine. Theirs have been just as reliable and make more power.

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