X-ring chain

kind embarassing but i been wonderin' lately what makes an x-ring chain differant from an o-ring chain, i know x-rings are supposed to have less friction than the o's causing better performance, but why? what gives it the advantage? i tried doing a search on a few forums but found nothing. thanks in advance! :cry: \m/

Manic, I run x-ring DID, it's very good on my 300 KLX 1800 miles with a new countersprocket and it will run up to 3000. My experience is 2 countersprockets and a new rear sprocket with a new chain. Change the counter at 1500 ( I was a little late)and replace the whole works at 2500-3000. A great chain for heavy water and mud conditions where I ride.

'O' ring chains like RK or regina are also good chain. I look for a 7,000 pound or greater tensile strength rating and price shop after that.

Squid's right (sweet diagram) on the ring. In cross-section, rather that just being a circle, the x-ring acutally presses into the space better, thus holding grease better.

Personally, I like the real low resistance of a non-ring like the ERT.

ah i get it thanks! diagram makes everything all clear. :cry: the orange beast has the x-ring so i was just wondering why its so good. (wanna be an engineer somday) thanks!

I think that when it comes to replacement time the extra expense is questionable enough on a street bike, and moreso on a dirt bike. You'll pay about a 15% premium, and it's unlikely you'll get any extra life from it. I'd have to think any performance gain is minimal. You'd do better to lose 7 pounds off your/my fat @ss, to gain 1 free horsepower.

i think i could gain TONS of free hp by losing a few lbs however but it came stock so im not complaining. I dont need to much more hp anyways. see below. :cry:

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