filed my shifter down any thing else?

I read the stuff earlier about filing down the sharp corner an the shifter lever and it makes perfect sense if you haven't done it , then do it. Its free and you can tell it will help :cry::lol: Is there any other little free things like that to do as preventative? :cry: And does any body Know where I can find about 100 more HP for my drz? :cry: :cry: :cry:

And does any body Know where I can find about 100 more HP for my drz? :cry: :cry: :cry:

Sure - eBay. Just buy a used ZX-10R and install the engine in your frame. Figure a few minutes to weld in the engine mounting plate and then you'll be all set to wheelie away.

You know.. I bet between the falicon stroker kit, nitromethane, nitrous oxide, and a supercharger... you could probably hit that 100hp mark for a brief second before sending the rod straight through you bumm.

Ballance your wheels,

Remove or lubricate throttle return cable

Lube the steering and swing bearings out back

remove the front sprocket gaurd but use the steel gaurd thats there

disconnect the kickstand and clutch lever switches

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh that's much better

More horsepower :cry: I can't handle what it has stock.

If you want more power just make it loud. That will impress everyone around you.

seriously though if you need more power try changing the sprokets to get the gearing you like. Works great untill you start looking for 5th all the time :cry:

Actually I like the gearing it is highway freindly and 1st and 2nd are good for trails with my yosh inspired torque. The 100 hp is one of those funny litle dreams that if I find it I will post how to. The nos issue will wait until I have a big bore kit odered and the warranty is up. But till then it is just rite for my skill level. :cry: :cry:

I've run NOS on one motorcycle and a few cars. Its fun but the noveltly wears off quickly. And I don't see the point on a dirt bike. As far as I can tell it only makes sense on a drag car.

free mods..... mmmmmmmm

I took the front reflectors off :cry:

took the clutch switch off

and did away with that stupid kickstand switch the first time I went down a steep hill and the engine cut off and I had nuthin to get back up the other side.

the DJ kit is a good mod but not free. But it will make you go WOW!!! for around $60

oh yeaaa, and I took the seat strap off, that thing felt like I was sitting on a ink pen. and removed those passenger pegs and chain guard. I didnt but this bike to ride 2 up, thats for the street.

Two words...Nitrous Oxide.

The DRZ engine should produce the extra 100 HP before it begins to look like a 4th of July display. Most engines will produce a lot of power if you aren't worried about their life span. You might want to keep your weight way out over the bars when the nitrous kicks in. It will have a tendency to raise the front end. :cry:

I was just joking about NOS. You can make a lot of power, but it is not easy to control. The power comes on all at once and it is only useful on drag racers and hill climbers. Your engine would put out almost twice the torque only when you reach full throttle, and it is either ON or OFF.

But in response to the original question, this IS the way to do it, although I don't recommend it.

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