stiff forks

hello swaped my drz for a 01 400 exc and WOW what have i been missing these bikes are GREAT but i have a slight problem in i think the forks are a bit hard .ive set the comp rebound to - and rebound to midd way ,but when riding on rocky ground say fist size rocks it feels like there is no suspension at all ,the impact comes straight up to the bars ,any one got any idears ???

Check the bottom triple clamps are no too tight.

Back off the damping all the way and ride it again.

Service the forks with 5w oil.

I fitted an eBay shim kit to make the compression more plush on my 520exc.

i will try that cheers for the reply

Something else to try, but you probably do it as a routine after every ride anyhow.......

release the pressure from the forks by undoing the cross head screws in the fork caps. Do it with the front wheel off the floor.

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