450exc rebuild help


Im setting up my 05" 450exc for supermoto racing, I have been waiting for parts from KTM , now the SXS cam and Hi-comp piston have finally arrived but the engine workshop manual was a no show. I have stripped most of it down but am unsure if the cam chain needs to be removed or if the piston can be swapped leaving it in place. I also need to know what to line up to set the cam timing.

Any help would be great, or if anyone has the several pages relating to this I would be greatfull for your help.

PS the racing starts next weekend so Ive only got 5 days to finish it.

Cheers Ben

Hello Discobob.

Send me your email address and I will try to send you a copy of details required from my cd-rom manual. I am in the UK so if you are in US there will be a time delay.

Cheers Tony.

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