How to I get a plate for my WR in OHIO

Thinking about getting my WR450 (04) licensed with a plate an all in Ohio.

Does anyone have experience in doing this? is it difficult to get done?

Do I need some type of state inspection?


My brother took his off road title for his XR400 down to the North Olmsted DMV and said he wanted plates. They took his off road title and $25.00 later they handed him a on road title and a plate. Simple as that!

You go to the title branch and sign an affidavit saying you have made the bike street legal and they swap your "off-road" title for a normal looking "street" title. Then you can go get your plates.

Not every title agency will do this, the first one told me I had to get a state police inspection, so I when to another branch and no problem. XR400 street titled and plates.

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