Gordon mods complete & '96 spark arrestor

I did the Gordon mods on my "new to me" 02 XR400. I used the 60 pilot and 160 main jets with 4 7/32 holes in stock tail piece. Runs great!

I would like a little more tone to the exhaust and thought about buying a stock 1996 spark arrestor without the diffuser.

Anybody out there running similar combination (60 pilot, 160 main, '96 spark arrestor only) ?

I would like to be able to switch back to my existing tailpiece with the 4 holes for use at places that the noise is not wanted.

How loud is the spark arrestor only?


I run the '96 cap on my '99 XR4 with 60/158 jets. The noise is not nearly as bad as most aftermarket pipes(the power is slightly less also). If you want to be able to switch back the '96 cap would be cheap and easy.

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