Fair price on '03 WR (and introduction)

Hello, this is my first post. I met mathprof at Aztec yesterday and he gave me tons of help (thanks, man!) I did some road racing for a number of years on an sv650, but it got way to expensive... spent most of my time in the last year at ADVRider.com (r1150gs). So, now I'm thinking about doing some enduro and supermoto.

My brother's got an '03 wr450f that I've been riding for the last month after he hurt himself on his dl650. I love it, and it's still essentially stock! He's trying to sell it, and I'm wondering what would a "friend price" be for this bike? I love the bike, but I'm still considering the more affordable wr250f, wr426, drz, etc... any thoughts?

Thanks for the help!

A brother price sounds like about 3000 if it has the updated starter.

The WR450 would make a sweet supermoto bike. The others you mentioned wouldn't be as fast.

I recently sold my 03' WR450 with a plate for 5250.00 I had three guys fighting over it and I didn't budge on the price.

$4,000. is about right for a 2 year old WR450 in good shape. :cry:

I got my 03WR last year.. it had 30 miles on it.. and it was BONE STOCK..

it came with pro-Tapers, and cycra's (not installed)

I got it from a buddy.. buddy price was $4500 last year..

Thank you all for the help. I wasn't considering the bike because I thought it would cost a lot more than that... can somebody tell me what some sellers at Cycletrader are smoking??? :cry:

It depends on where you live..... Supply and demand. :cry:

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