Gauges for my 05 300R

I got my 05 300R last weekend and I now know why you guys love them. I haven't done the free mods yet, I'll do them for the spring riding season...the snow is goinig the fly soon here in New Hampshire so that will be a winter project. What I would like to get for the bike is a set of gauges...odometer that goes past 99.9 miles, hour meter, and maybe a tach. Does any one know of any specific KLX gauges? Or, has any one had any success with any other types of gauges?

Thanks, Ed :cry:

Several of us have adapted digital bicycle speedometers to our KLXs. That will give you speed, trip milage, total milage, time, etc.

Ride on


If you want to spend more dough than a bicycle computer, check out the trailtech. They have nice billet holders for them too. Very reliable and will do everything you asked for except for the tach.

Thanks Brewster & Bill, after reading these posts for a while now I knew you guys would come through with some tips. Any website for trailtech?

Ed :cry:

PS: Found the site for They have a cool little unit, I'm thinking Christmas list.

Cool! Tell Santa to drop one off at my house too! :cry:

I have to say this looks pretty cool: click here

But is it really only 79.95 or did I miss something ? Do you think that things is flimsy or would it take a beating ?

Thoughts please ?

I have a trailtech on mine. It's great with many features, I bought the kit from Rocky Mountain ATV for around $80 it fits/mounts on top of the stock odometer bracket. You don't need the billet since it's protected by the light and number plate.


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