Kickstarter problem

My kickstarter does not want to stay in the up position, If I dont put a piece of tape of something to hold it back it falls down and get in the way, I was wondering if anyone had this problem and if the knew how to fix it :cry:

Falls down as in down to the foot peg, or as in it folds out and pokes you in the leg but does not fall to the peg?

1) If it falls down to the foot peg then either the spring is broken, the tab in the case is broken or the spring has popped out. In any case you'll need to remove the right side cover to inspect.

2) If it's simply unfolding, then it may just be worn out. If you don't disassemble the top part from the bottom part on occasion and clean and grease it then the metal will wear out eventually and make the kick starter loose and it will just flop out on you. This can also happen if the spring and/or ball is missing, but the only way for those to come out are if someone forgot to put it back in during assembly, or if it's really worn out and the parts fall out. The kick starter should have almost no play where it rotates. If it has a lot of play then it's probably just worn out.

Thanks for the tips, I think it might be that the ball fell out. :cry:

try stretching the spring that the ball sits on, this will help lock it in place when not being used. I had the same problem and fixed it this way

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