MY DRZ rear fender saga...with pic

I bought a UFO rear flap with taillight that I intended to use to replace trhe stock mess on my 02 DRZ400S. Well, after an hour of cutting, test fitting, cutting , test fitting, etc. i determined that it would be easier just to whittle the stock one down to nothing and eliminate the taillight extender. This turned into a 3 hour project! i am happy with the result though...check it out


What did you use to trim it up? I plan to do the same. I just want it to look clean. :cry:


Be carefull of bottoming the plate on the rear tire. This happened to my stock UFO fender and plate. I then fabricated 2 3/8" aluminum rod braces that attach from the black extention mounting holes in the rear to the side fender mounting holes at the frame. This keeps the fender from flexing. Works great. :cry:

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