FCR and Fuel Mileage

What kind of fuel mileage can I expect from a FCR? With the minkuni I get 47 mpg. I want to upgrade to the FCR, but if the mileage will drop below 40, I don't think I'll do it.

I get only about 33 mpg, FCR, HotCam IN, Yosh. This is in the dirt right around the rev limiter most of the time though, If I actually checked on the street Im sure it would be better. I think it mainly depends on how and where your riding. Just my $0.02.

I've been getting about 80 miles easy on a S model tank. I'm still running it on prime, so I don't try to see how far it lasts. So for me.. 80+ a tank :cry:

I have a 01 E Stock exhaust.

Just PM'd Eddie and asked how to jet my FCR for 5000ft and up

142 main 5th groove snorkel out. The rest stock

I just checked my valves and found my FCR carb set up was as prescribed. I just got back from a 100 miles ride 60 dirt road and twistie mountain highway. 40 jeep trails.

I ran the snot out of her and made it home without going on reserve

I do have the Taffy mod. I won't explain that except to say I have the accelerator pump restricted to barely squirt.

I had the snorkle in for quiet a while and was consistantly seeing over 60mpg.

15/49 gearing.

hope that helps you

I changed my bike from Mikuni to FCR and the fuel mileage did change slightly but it wasn't that huge of a difference. I still get approx 45 - 50 commuting to work.

But its all about how you ride it. If your floorin it to the rev limiter all day ya its gonna suck it down quite a bit faster. But cruisin on the freeway it does just as good as the Mikuni pretty much.

Trust me you wont regret the change. :cry: :cry:

I went from around 140 miles per tank to around 130.

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