Thanks Guys

I just wanted to thank everyone that frequents this forum for their adult behavior. It seems that every other forum on this board has to put up with the product of a close-knit backwoods family relationship (family limb, not a family tree :) . Everyone on here seems to be mentally stable and have one thing in mind, riding. Guess it goes to show that the level-headed people know a good bike when they see one.

Thanks again,

Ryan Forsberg


Careful now there, who are you calling an adult :)

No one has ever accused me of that before!!

Is 15 close enough to be considered as an adult? Didn't think so, well in that case...Nah Nah YOU can't catch ME... :)


Takes a real man to ride a BRP! Hey can you pass the grey poupon? :) )

Real BRP Riders just bite through the lid and suck that mustard straight outta the jar!

Thanks!! Without the help from this site, my XR would probably still be stock & I wouldn't have had a's all about passion for riding & an ability to share & pass that on to others...T.T. rocks the house!!!!!!!!!

and whats wrong with a stock xr?

There is nothing wrong with a stock XR, but there is always room to grow. Mine is pretty much stock, most mods are for protection. Except for the stock baffle, XR's are great. :)

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