TTR 250 Teikei Jetting

:cry: I'm trying to find a re-jetting kit(s) for my 99 TTR 250 with Teikei carb. All the posts I read are for smaller bikes with different carbs. Who knows where to get what I need??? I looked here at TT but can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

Has anyone done a 99 250? If so, what works the best?

Thanks :cry:

no one seems to want to talk about teiki jetting,I just had a friend drill my main to a 140 from 137 if that isn.t enough i will go larger to compensate for my t-4 exhaust an air filter, your local snap on tools guy should be able to get jet drill bits :cry:

im looking too.i found this info at yahoo ttr said call b& b cycle at 402 371 9151,and ask for gerald.i called today but gerald was out,so ill try also said or to ask ur dealer for jets for a gt80?it also said yamaha never cross referanced these parts thats why so hard to find,but that they are out there. ill let ya no if and when i talk to gerald.u too if u talk with him before me.

ok i talked to gerald today.he gave me pn.#288-14343-70-00=#140 main jetpn.#288-14343-73-00=#146 main jet,these are fom a late 70's or early 80's yamaha gt80.gerald didnt have time to find the part numbers for the pilot jets for me,or i didnt get the exact year of the gt80,which might help me find the pilot jet pn#. i orderd both from my local stealer o i mean dealer lol,1 was 12.99 other was 13.99 doh! they better fit.i was exspecting maby 2 or 3 dollars apiece?

I look forward to hearing how this 140 jet works on the carb. I did a little looking on the net and found the pn.#288-14343-70-00=#140 is not for a GT80, but an XT350. Which makes more sense, as I think a 140 would be a little big for an 80.

yea ur right i looked up the gt 80 at yamaha and the number didnt match,gerald didnt correct me when i said,"the article said gt 80 jets wud fit?"he just said o that was about 2 years ago,and gave me the 2 pn#s for the 350 jets.yea and i got them today.i will try to see how and if the #140 works after i try it with the stock #137.if i dont need to change,soon i will try just to see if they fit anyway,if i need to or not.i let ya no.

well i just put the #140 jet i gotta go put bike back together,and hope for the best

ok heres a list i found at yahoo site.these pn#are for a teikei carb.i can vouch that the #140 and 146 main assuming others are ok,but havent tried any pilots yet. <ul type="square"> main jets -#120pn=288-14343-60-00 #122pn=288-14355-61-00 #125pn=288-14343-63-00 #128pn=288-14355-64-00 #130pn=288-14343-65-00 #134pn=288-14355-67-00 #135pn=288-14343-68-00 #140pn=288-14343-70-00 ##146pn=288-143-73-00 #152pn=288-14343-76-00

pilot jets <ul type="square">#36pn=43f143421800 #38pn=43f143422500 #40pn=43f143422000 #44?pn=43f143422300 #48pn=43f143422400 #50pn=43f143422500

well with the 137 or 140 jets bike bogs when quick throttle off idle,with the mega max 2 on it does.i put stock exhaust back on,no bog,even with the 140 jet still gonna have to just keep trying jets and or adjust the mega max with discs?

this is my first bike and my 1st attempt at jetting.all my know how i get here,reading alot of posts,i just havent found alot on jetting the teikei carb,or tuning a ttr250 for a mega max 2.

The reason you are not having any luck is because the main jet only controls 7/8 -full throttle. When you install an exhaust that has less back pressure, the NEEDLE needs to be changed. You can change main jets all day and will never notice any difference. You might contact dynojet research and see if they offer a jet kit for your TT-R250. Good luck !!

ok thanks,ill try dyno jet

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