How to check Front Fork Oil?

After I installed BBR Fork Springs, Some of the oil came out with the old springs, and I was wondering how to check the oil level in the front forks, and how high it should be, and should I use 15 wt oil?

PS: Just signed up, TT is a great place for info and pics on 230's, im loven it :cry:

Welcome to the club. I'm Phill. My old username was 230F (the maker of the stickey) and the reason I changed names is because I don't have my 230 anymore! But I can still help you out with a lot of things if need be.

As for pulling out the springs, if you pull them out really slow it minimises the splash and the ammount of oil you pull out. I hate to tell you this, but the oil level is emasured without the springs in there.

BBR says to use 15W oil. IMO, I would because it gives better dampening controll. Just take out the forks, Take out the springs, and flip the forks over and start pumping to get all the oil out. Dump it all into a container and dispose of it properly. Now get some 15W fork oil, and fill up the forks. Pump the forks to get rid of the air, and keep the oil level above the valves. Keep pumping till you hear no more air, then with the forks fully compress, no springs, in, the oil level should be at about 5.5 inches from top down. One great way is to get a caliper and set it at 5.5 inches. Then using the rod at the end of the caliper, stick that down and hold the end of the caliper at the top.

If you add too much, either syringe it out, of tilt the forks over and pump again...

Have fun!!!

Hey, ya ive seen you around alot :cry:

thx for the fast reply, ill try that today if it stops raining :cry: cant ride in it

btw your 230 you sold was awesome!

You may just want to do it today. That way if you left any air in the fork, it has time to settle out... :cry:

Anyways, one last thing. When re assembling, take off the o-rings and fully clean them. I learned my lesson when air was leaking through the o-ring seals on the top.

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