Buying property near Asheville NC

Wifey wants to move a short ride (20-30 minutes) from Asheville. Which side of Asheville is the best to be close to dirt riding activites? Seems to be more opportunities to ride on the East side, is that right?

Yeah, most riding seems to be around Morganton and Taylorsville. I wish I could move back to Asheville. I love it up there. I grew up in Brevard and lived in Asheville for 5 years. I'm not sure where the best place to buy would be. I would like to live anywhere near there that I could. Let me know if you move up there so we can ride. I go there to see my mom a couple of times a year and usually take my bike.


We're at least a year away from relocating. Got to find some land, draw up plans and get'r built. I'll be looking for a new set of riding friends up there. I'll bookmark this thread to save your contact info. When you take your bike where do you go?

I have family and a brother in law down in Greensboro. We will usually met up and ride. There's been alot of new places opened up since I lived in Greensboro 4 years ago. Some of the places are Brown Mtn, Rattlesnake Ridge, Cirlce T and Uwharrie. There's a new place called Brushy Mtn that is supposed to be great. There are more but I can't remember the names.

I'm new here but have been to Brushy. It is great. Bring $20 though.

I'm going again on the 30th or 31st if anyone else wants to go. What is Circle T like? Never heard of it.

Brown is closed right now from the hurricane rains and maybe for the rest of the year.

I am going through the building thing too. Just put my desposit on the land yesterday. :cry:

I might be going to A'ville in Feb. If I do I will bring my bike. I went last Feb. and Brushy Mtn was closed because of rain. Circle T is close to Winston Salem. I can't remember exactly. I don't know if they had fun rides or just hare scrambles. I raced a hare scramble there.

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