Position before entering corner or berm

Hello, i've seen and read that you have to stand and lean back when braking for a corner or berm. Did i get that correct? What's the reason for this technique? I am guessing so that the rear tyre wont slide?

When your braking the front end will compress. You lean back to balance the bike back out and to keep yourself in a central position.

Welcome to TT, newbie! You'll like it here. Check out this old thread about balancing on the footpegs, and look back a few pages here in the MX Techniques forum for other threads on balance and weighting the footpegs. :cry:

Balance and Weighting the Footpegs

I always stand until my braking is done then sit as i throw the bike into the corner let out the clutch and roll on the throttle...kinda lean back and im am not standing fully upright, kinda hover my a$$ over the back of the seat :cry:

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