Problem Free

i would just like to post that i have has my kx250f for over 1 year now, and it has been completely problem free (eccept for the stuff i have broken during my unuesually hard get am known to be a front runner in the 125b class and am no stranger to the rev-limiter, i have no valve problems and have yet to add a drop of coolant, it is by far the best bike i have ever owned

So nice to see a positive post. TT is great to help everyone deal with the inevitable issues that will arise. But it is nice to hear from someone that has used his bike and has not been burdened with problems. Remember if it isn't fun I don't want to do it anymore!!


I would also like to add I have had no problems, I don't hang around the rev limiter but I do make the bike work.

I have had 2 kxf's, the 2nd one only has 12 hours on it, but the first had alot more, zero problems.

My clutch cover bolts came loose mysteriously during the practice for a race a couple weeks ago and all the oil poured out in practice until I noticed it a lap and a half later, I pop off the rev limiter occasionaly and make the bike work pretty hard as well and its been 8 months with NO problems :cry:

11 months of pure bliss on my RMZ, no problems. I am running the heavier radiator cap & I don't sit on the rev limiter. :cry:

11 Mos problem free

Over 1 year and just small problems that were fixed by the recalls. And I know I have one of the first KXF's The last 5 digits of my VIN are 00252. That gives me the 252nd one off the assy. line. I have performed lots of extra maintance, but it's paying off. Wish I could get the rear suspension better though.

Problem free here also...

What's wrong with ur rear suspension? How much u weigh? I bought a mono spring for 20 bucks that came off of a yz250f and it works perfect for my 150 pound body.

I weigh about 165. I had to get a lighter spring from Factory Connection to get the sag right. I've gotten it close, but it still feels al ittle harsh. I'm always playing with the clickers to get it right at the track. On hard pack it feels harsh, on loam it feels fairly good. I'm going to try to lower my forks about 3mm and see if it helps a little with the headshake. That only happens on the really fast straights and at the end before I start braking.

I've been trouble free with workmanship and realibility with everything on my KX250F with the exception of the suspension. I too didn't like the rear shock, nor the front. So now I have full Showa suspension and I won't trade this bike for anything else! I am so glad I bought the Kawy!

I was thinking about buying the Pro Circuit Works suspension to make mine feel better too, but at $5000.00 I will just try to about the clickers and maybe put that PC lnkage on it to make it livable. :cry: I feel the same way too, the only way I'm getting rid of this bike is to maybe trade it on a 2006 in a year or if someone gives me a new bike and tells me to ride it for money!

Trade for an there is an idea...but how much would we get for trade in :cry: 2 grand? that sux

11 months and trouble free.

Only had the recalls done and put the SFB 2 piece water pump cover.

Riding in south Louisiana and No over heating.

Awesome bike.

Had a dealer tell me to trade in now on a 2005 I'd get about 2000.00. I know it sucks, but it is going to be hard to sell for more then that out right and fast. Oh well, what can you do?

I burned up one valve, totally my fault. Don't try to make any bike go up a steep, wet, grassy hill with a bald tire. No matter how much you twist the throttle, it's not going up it :cry:.

I absolutely love the bike :cry:, and would/will buy one again in a heart beat!

Dodger :cry:

Over 1 year and just small problems that were fixed by the recalls. And I know I have one of the first KXF's The last 5 digits of my VIN are 00252. That gives me the 252nd one off the assy.

i dont have one of these bikes but i am looking to buy one. when you are talking about the recalls. what numbers where they up to ??? so is it better to buy one of the later ones ? say like number 2000 or something ??

I'd buy a 2005 personally. I haven't heard any problems with them yet.

You can always get more money selling the bike yourself. Lots of people are looking for 4 strokes anyway so it isn't too hard, you can probably get 3500 by selling it urself. If you get an 04 try to get the valve clearances checked before you take the bike.

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