Anyone have any info on this years LA to Barstow to Vegas... I'm looking to ride this year and would like to find a "good" website with registration info and race schedule... Does anyone know if there's any such animal???




Malibu27 how long is that race. I might be interested in doing something like that too. I never raced and would like to try a desert race.

The race is about 400 miles- so I've been told... This year will be my first... assuming I can find out where to register...


It starts the Friday after Thanksgiving and ends Saturday night in Vegas, every year. You'll spend Friday night in Barstow.

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hey guys, its really isnt a race, its more of a dual sport ride. The Blm chaged this back in 89 casue of the turtles out in the mojave, you need a Street legal bike to run it, and i think its in sometime in november. Some guys ride it like a race and i dont see why you cant but its more intended for a dual sport ride. YOu also need to be part of the AMA


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