I only know a few people with dirt bikes, my dad and my two friends. My other friend had a dirt bike, but he sold it. I have seen countless amounts of quads. I feel that i am missing out on something. The quads tear up the trails and i barely see any dirt bikes, i may see two dirt bikes a year, and about 200 quads in a half year. I dont get it :cry:

They're so easy to ride any dork can just climb on one a go. Thay are really nice when you don't want to think about riding and you don't have to pay attention to what you are doing. Quads are for beginners.


A lot of tracks around here dont even let quads ride and turn them away at the gate!!! heheheehe :cry: :cry: :cry:

no talent needed, and hard to fall off, most have never taken the time to learn how to ride a bike properly so they dont know the thrill.........quads and golf, I will never understand the reason

As already mentioned any moron can ride one. That and the factories and dealers are promoting the sh*t out of them.

Coffin nails that will eventually kill the sport on public lands.

Pics are worth a 1000 words... Kevin-Quad%20Rocks.jpg 'nuff said.....

'Cause morons always go the easy route,and blame the machine when they smack a tree :cry:

Hmmm...guess one of the moderators must be a quad fan...

Hmmm...guess one of the moderators must be a quad fan...

Yep. They are fun.

They're great for:

people who have no sense of balance.

people who want to ride now, and easy learning curve to start.

people who don't want to fall over.

As a transport, I like quads. You can stick a case of beers in the rack and ride home.

When I got my 225, it came with a shot gun mount on the handle bars, the guy was planning on using that for hunting.

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