Red sticker ban?

Will all red stickers be banned in cali in a few years? i hear rumors, but i mean I dont want this to happen to me, should i buy an 02 250f... i dont want to buy an 04 and in 06 i cant ride it... neone no nething? i dont mind the whole red sticker thing really, its not like i ride too much in the summer ne way

There are no plans to eliminate the California Red Sticker program AT THIS TIME.

As a side note, now that California is enforcing the Red Sticker seasonal closures, I think you will see more and more models that comply with the Green Sticker emmission standards. For several years, the KTM 4-stroke EXC/MXC models have complied. The Honda 250 and 450 X models comply, and the 05 Yamaha WR450 complies, as well as almost all of the "enduro/play bike models. And in 06, the EPA off-road vehicle emission standards go into effect, so I expect you will see even more of the new high performance 4-strokes complying. The EPA standards do exempt "competition" motorcycles from regulation, so 2-stroke race bikes will still be built, as long as riders want to buy them.

Bill Dart

Land Use Director

Off-Road Business Association (ORBA)

Also the Husqvarnas & Husabergs are Green Sticker Bikes. :cry: