wannabe Christmas list 2004

Too early to figure out a real Christmas list yet. If I stayed with the possible - a new enduro jacket for me. I need that.

My wannabe dream list fo this year: since I'm allready thinking of a new bike next fall....hmmm how about a surprize XMAS new

KTM 525 MXC dual sported and CA licensed

or a Gas Gas FSE 450 dual sported and CA licensed.

lets throw in a new RM-Z450 fro the track days too. :cry: :cry:

You're single, right? So you can buy yourself whatever you want.

What do I want?

Bigbob's old DRZ :cry:

Money cannot buy what I want. :cry:

You're single, right? So you can buy yourself whatever you want.

What do I want?

Bigbob's old DRZ :cry:

not for sale....yeah I'm single and a high paid engineer, but with my other bills and all..... another bike payment would leave me little room for fun money...and what's the use of working so hard if ya have to be on a too tight budget each month.

next fall my monthly $480 car payment ends.....and I can BE GOOD to myself then .......... Most likely no matter what I get, even though it will be a sweet competition quality state of the art rad DIRT Machine and I'll ride the wheels off it, I'll be keeping the black n blue DRZ as my dual sport rig...unless the CA law changes and we can dual sport dirt bikes again...... even then i like the idea of no lights- a pure dirt bike..I want one.

It never hurts to ask. :cry:

Motomanfan has a new 450 exc. I may get to test ride it soon.......can't imagine I would sale the plated trusty loyal DRZ all suspension moded for my weight and with bar risers and my tall seat........naw can't imagine it, besides the dealer and I buried $1000.00 worth of new ride gear, boots, ramp and other stuff in the loan.... so after a year of payments I still owe $5000.00 on it and would have to take a loss on that loan. plus I have no free cash for the down payment on a new KTM,,,,,I do have a great bank that will finance it but with at least $1000 hit on my DRZ and $1000.0 down thats 2 grand, and I got ziltch saved now till bonus time next june 05......... so I guess what I'm saying is even if I fall over in love with riding some KTM or a CRF or wathever this winter........ its gonna be just me and the black n blue DRZ for now.

never hurts to dream too. :cry:

hint hint :cry: :cry:

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