Battery charging problems

On my friends 2002 DRZ400s , what kind of battery does it have??? And what could it be if the voltage regulator is working fine?? It's not charging at all when we put a voltage testor on it. We also put a good regulator on it from my 400e-model and it wouldn't charge. Any help would be appreciated. We are leaving on an off road trip to west Texas in a couple of days ,so we need help fast!!!!!


What kind of battery? - A maintenance free sealed AGM lead acid battery same as your "E".

No charge. - Lots of things. First check all connections between the alternator and the battery including the main fuse. (the fuse is in the charging circuit). Put a known good fully charged battery in the bike to check charge voltage. Checking charge voltage with a bad battery will give erroneous results. Still bad? Then start checking the alternator output. Unplug the 3 yellow wires from the regulator and deal with the 3 wires from the alternator. Check each yellow to ground. If any have continuity to ground the stator is bad. Now check resistance yellow to yellow. Check all 3 pair. You are looking for .5 to 1.5 ohm. Exact number is not important but they should all be about the same. Open or short is bad. Still OK? Start the motor and run it about 5000 rpm. AC voltage between the yellow wires should be 75 volts AC or greater. Check all 3 pair. Output should be about the same for each pair. If this is all good then go on to check the regulator/rectifier diodes and recheck the wires.

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