Well since I have been shoy down here in California to register my 2002 CRF450 as a dual, I am looking at getting a DRZ400S How many other people have then here? What are some of the mods you did to lighten them up for trail ridding? Any input will help, thanks!

see the DR-Z400 forum, that's where us S model owners hang out.


plastic gas tank

aftermarket pipe

take of the rear pegs

UFO tailight piece (blinkers not quite 9" apart though - technically not kosher in CA, but no one has been ticketed that I know)

great bike.... the DRZ motor and power band is dreamy, very reliable... won't feel like your CRF though.

Vinny, talk to Dale at www.trickdualsport.com before you give up on the dualsport thing for your crf.

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