Hr meters

where can i get a quality hour meter for my 05?

I just bought one from the TT store. It is the Dr. D hour meter, but is the exact same as the sendac.

where can i get a quality hour meter for my 05?

Sears, in the lawn mower section.

Thanks for the info,,on my way to sears

Think I'll take that $10 Sears coupon and go pick one up tomorrow! Where are ya'll mounting yours and how?

I wonder if this is considered a tool though?

I mounted mine with heavy duty velcro underneath the radiator shroud on the right side. Just so you can see it through the shroud holes. No muss, no fuss.

Mount it on the left side, so when you do carb adjustments, you can watch the tach. Tuck it under the shroud so it won't get smashed. I secured mine with the supplied velcro and added a couple zip ties. The pics aren't real clear, sorry.




I mounted mine on the right with industrial strength velcro from Home Depot.


Can the Sendec be set to blink at hourly intervals??

I think they just do 25hr interval flashings.


Go to the Sendec site. You can get an hour meter that you can set in 5 hour intervals. It costs more, kind of a lot more, but it also has a tac and a tattle-tale reading too.

Here's a direct link to the one I put on my bike.

SenDEC racing meter...

How much was your racing meter Shawn?

That one is 100 bucks, its got all the bells and whistles.

How do you guys mount them if you have a Clarke Desert Tank?

I mounted mine right on top of the CDI under the front number plate. You need to mount it sideways to clear the forks. I used two sided tape and a zip ty. Velcro would work fine too. :cry:

How do these hold up to pressure washing the bike?

I just installed mine, but it looks sealed like a watch. I won't hesitate to pressure wash it.

The first time I pressure washed mine it started speaking Chinese. I brought it back to Sears and they gave me a new one. I had a piece of plexiglass glued over the front of it and have not had problems with this one.

I accidently pressure washed it the first time (I forgot to remove it). No damage, though. It does look pretty watertight. In the future, I probably won't remove it before washing, I will just avoid hitting it closely or directly with the high pressure spray.

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