ZGold valves

I was thinking of installing gold valves. Does anyone have any good or bad to say about them?

You will learn allot, and can have a very good set-up after you get it dialed in. It takes some work though. What kind of bike and application are you going to use them for?

Whats wrong with your stock valves?


It is an 04 crf450. I use it for everything now. But I want to have it setup for mx. Is it alot of trail and era?

Nothing is wrong with them. I just want to change the valving and I don't know anything about it. So I thought the gold valves might be the way to get an understanding on how it works.

The cr450f is already set up for mx, for an "average" rider. What do you weigh? Are you very light or very heavy? Are you very fast or a beginner? Is the suspension doing anything in particular you don't like?

The truth is that the gold valve itself is not as high a quality as your stock valve. However, if you want to learn valving yourself, I think that they are a great place to start simply because of the directions and the valving charts they give you. Either way, if you start changing valving on your own, you can expect to spend allot of time and probably have messed up suspension until you start getting it right.

I just started working with the gold valves this summer. I'm still not positive that I've actually improved my suspension over stock, but I've learned a whole lot about my personal needs in suspension, and what kind of things don't work.

If you just want better suspension with minimum pain you should probably send it out to a trusted professional.

Also, if I was an average weight mx-rider of close to normal speed I would probably just leave the suspension stock and tune with the clickers, fork height, preload, and oil heights.

Yeah, what bigIvy said :cry:


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