DRZ Dies at 7000 feet

I normally ride my DRZ400S (stock Mikuni BSR36 carburetor)at elevations between sea level and 3000 feet. I recently hauled the bike up to about 7000 feet to trail ride. After a quick warm up, the bike just died while going 25-50 mph and left me stranded for about 3 minutes. The bike ran just fine when I returned that day to 200 ft. elevation. Has this happened to anyone else? Does this sound like a jetting problem?

It sounds like a rich condition. Was it blubbering and sputtering, or running fine and suddenly died? I would have checked the spark plug to see if it was a very dark color, but that would be difficult since you returned to lower elevation and ran it. Generally, you would need lean the main jet 3 sizes, the needle one clip position, and the pilot jet one size leaner to go from sea level to 7,000 feet. I'm a Denver area 6,000 foot and higher rider, so this is a proud tradition.

The bike did sputter when it started warming up. The bike has about 1000 miles and the spark plug is fine. I noticed some backfire and even at sea level it seems like I get poor fuel economy. However, I had this same problem once at 200 ft. when the bike was really warm. Thanks for the input.

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