KX250 to YZ250F

Hey guy's, I am strongly thinking of trading my 2001 KX250 for an '02 YZ250F with full Hindle exhaust and some other goodies. Do you think I'll miss my KX, or will I be hooked on the thumper for life?

Well the deal on the 250F fell through, I guess I'm gonna look for a 426 instead.

I went from a 00 YZ250 to an 02 YZ250F. My good riding buddy rides a 99 KX250 and we traded bikes. He liked my bike a lot. I have to admit his bike was pretty nice the way he had it set up. You're going to give up some power but it really depends on how/where you ride. Definately ride one first then decide. It's not like there's a shortage of KX250s out there if you decide to go back. LOL

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