Well since I have been shoy down here in California to register my 2002 CRF450 as a dual, I am looking at getting a DRZ400S How many other people have then here? What are some of the mods you did to lighten them up for trail ridding? Any input will help, thanks!

That's funny, I have on 03 CRF, and I just bought an 02 DRZ-S in great condition. My CRF is dual sported with Vermont plates, but the fact of the matter is that it is too much of a hassle taking the lights on and off, not to mention the wear and tear that miles will have on the CRF.

I have already dumped a fortune on the DRZ to get it to be a decent performing bike, thought truth be told, it is not that bad to begin with. Odd gearing aside, it still will stand up on third gear with the clutch (about 40-45 MPH) so as a hooligan bike, it is not bad.

I have yet to pull weight off the bike, since I am waiting for all my carb parts to arrive, at which time I will start tearing the bike down.

Waiting on RonAyers to send me the E intake pipe and clamps, and then I will be all ready to go to work. FRC, M4 full exhaust, BRP triple clamps for fat bar installation, etc.

I am not the least bit upset that I went this route, with the possible exception being that I do not have a good highway bike, but that is not too important to me since I do not ride highways all that often.


Here is the best place to start for your DRZ400S http://drz.info/ After tons of money you too can have a great dependable trail bike to leave your drivway and find the nearest trails with. :cry:

Just follow those instructions and you'll be fine. I haven't rejetted and everything is basically stock except for slip on yosh pipe and 14/47 gearing. Bike has more than enough power for me and I love it. I just change the tires periodically from street to dirt and I'm set to go. Some don't bother changing the tires but I've been riding a lot of SC mtns and Tunitas creek, stage, etc. and this bike is awesome for that.

Course, I enjoy just puttering around.


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