Need Help Quick! Jetting Question

My 250X is runnin a little lean right now, it dies when I pull the hotstart and pops and sputers a little, and the plug is a litle whitish. I have a 162 main right now, if I remember right, and the needle is in the 3rd position. I think all I have to do is move it to the fourth position and it will cure it. So, can I do this just by taking the 17mm nut off the bottom, or do I need to take the whole thing out again? Right now I have the nut off, and I think the main jet, its the round gold one.

Why are you pulling the hot start lever if the bike is already running?

You access the needle to change the clip position from the top of the carb. You must remove the seat and tank, loosen the in/out clamps of the carb (so it can be swiveled), loosen the two allens on top of the carb and remove the cover plate, twist your throttle all the way open and you'll see another allen nut come to the top. Remove it and your needle will be underneath. You will need the Honda supplied tool to remove the needle (surgical hemostats also work well).

I pull the lever to see if it's lean or not, just so I would know. I didnt need any special tool to take the needle out when I had the whole carburator out before, do I need it now since I didnt take it off the bike? And what are surgical hemostats??

Pulling the hot start lever won't tell you if the bike is lean or not. You want the plug to be tannish white. Sounds to me like your a little shaken up. The hot start lever is only when STARTING hence hot START...get it? I'm not trying to be rude in any kind of way, it's difficult to talk over a computer. But if that doesn't work, maybe its your fuel screw or just try another clip position.

Yes I know that the hot start lever is for starting, but people have told me that to check to see if it's too lean or not, you can pull it when it's running, and it shouldnt die. So I just pulled it once when was running to see if it would die or not. And the plug was whitish.

hondarider, where in ct do you live. The hot start lever will make the bike run leaner so if you pull it and then check your plug of course it'll look like it's running lean.

If you pull in the hot start lever while its running it will seiz your engine. Dont do it.

I was told that you can just pull it briefly to check, its not like I pull it all the time, it was just once for 1/2 a second then it died. That was the only time I ever pulled it when it was running. And I live in Ashford.

The tool to remove your needle should have come with your bike. It is a small metal rod with a piece of rubber hose on it to push over the top of the needle then lift out. Hemostats are very similar to small needle nose pliers that lock. Pot heads use them to as 'roach clips'.

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