Supermoto suspension

Does the 400E rear shock have rebound adjustment?What are the best options for upgrading the rear shock for supermoto use? Why would they build the 400S intended for street use with no rebound adjustment? How about the front end, revalve and respring stiffer? Or replace with what? :cry: Lots of questions, any help will be apprieciated.

2002 S's and newer all have the full offroad suspension, with rebound adjustment.

The intial suspension on the early models was just a money saver, and typically Dual sports in the competition didn't come with the real stuff either.

I love my 03 suspension on the street, I had to stiffen it a little , but in floats through everything I need, and rails the corners.

like spud said,your bike is a pre 02 lacks the rebound adjuster and has non cartridge forks.

the easiest upgrade is a 02 and later S shock/fork or any E shock/forks.

depending on your wieght you will still need springs and possible revalve depending on serious you are.

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