New bars and triple clamp recommendations

Bent the stock steel bars on my recently aquired 2001 WR426F.

Looking to upgrade the bars and get a new triple clamp to move them forward a bit. I feel a bit cramped in the stock cockpit. Looking at Applied, RG3 & Tru-Tech.

I need bar and triple clamp recommendations.

I just getting back to riding after about 20 years.

I'm 6 feet tall weigh 190 and ride pretty hard.

Mostly Desert riding but I will see mountain singletrack and the Dunes on ocassion.



BRP, Scotts, Pro Tapers. :cry:

It should. :cry:

I really like my Tag Privateer kit. Comes with top triple clamp that has 4 different position of up to 20 mm forward and tapered bars and grips. Only cost about 250 at the local stealer. Can't go wrong and is way less money then your other options. Most TC are 250 alone and you still need the mounts, bars, and grips. :cry:

Dude what ever you get make sure the clamp has at least a 22mm forward offset, (mine is at 25) and get a RC bend or equivelent and you won't be sorry. :cry:

Check the link last four pics.

My web page

Any other recommendations?

(I think I might go with the T2 privateer kit)

Eric, I had the Protaper adjustable ones on my 450, I loved them. I like to move all around my bike and by setting the bars forward really opened up feel of the bike.

I just opened up my new Dirtrider and saw an ad for "Longhorn" hardware. They're sold at It looks like they completely ripped off the PT design but you can't beat that price...

Check it out...


I saw that also. Didn't know about the quality. I may give it a second thought. :cry:

Check out

Super quality and service.

Get the rubber mounts you will love em


I went through this awhile ago on my 04, the same time a couple other guys on here did. Mine is an 04, but I think they do them to fit your bike as well.

See info in this thread.

They don't list them in the 00-02 WR because of the odometer and the light mounts. If you're still running these fabricating some mounts to make them work is fairly easy. Here is another option if you're thinking about running a stabilizer, it will mount either Scotts or GPR on the same bar clamp.

RTT - ProTaper

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