Been riding today and had a slight "off" on a muddy trail &

subsequently got stuck in 1st gear & unable to select neutral or

anything else. I didnt hit any rocks etc as far as I know so it a

bit of a mystery as to whats caused the problem.

Any suggestions or thoughts anyone?



does the shifter move thru its arc or is it stuck?

Could just be a rock jamed in the lever . If that is clear, remove the right side primary case and the clutch assy and take a look at the gear shift indexer. If that is OK then it is an internal problem. With the indexer exposed you can (should be able to) turn the shift drum to see if the inner workings are OK or not.

Yes, look at the drum first (you will have to take the clutch basket off to get to these paws), I had the same problem, it turned out that there was a small piece of metal wedged under one of the spring loaded paws that let the drum turn and change gears. I couldn't believe that something a little bigger than a pin head was causing so much problems.

In Reply to BURNED, the lever doesnt move through it's arc at all only very slightly. Also the clutch seems to be dragging a bit ie not fully dis-engaging. There isnt anything obvious jammed under the lever stopping it so it guess the problem is internal. I've taken it round to the local bike workshop as I havent got time to sort it myself just hope its something relatively simple & cheap to fix! -i'll let you all know

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