Rim locks?

Came across a set of Rim locks on another site and just can't seem to figure them out by just looking at them. Any help from you guys? I am trying to put together a kit to help with the offroad flats that will inevitably happen. All suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks guys!

Working in the dark here. Assuming you are looking at a standard rim lock, it is a wedge that goes inside the tire and when tightened it clamps the tire bead to the rim from the inside. Rim locks are sized for rim widths. Is that what you were asking?

For off road I use a rim lock on the rear wheel only. :cry:

Dunno if i am teaching you to suck eggs here or not but it breaks down like this,, a rim lock helps to stop the tyre from slipping on the rim usually under power due to the low tyre preassure in off road bikes, i agree that only need one on the rear wheel others may argue that 1 on the front is needed due to braking forces on front tyre that is your call to make for me rear only. Wheel balancing can also be an issue with a rim lock but for my mind as off road riding tends to be low speed riding it is not really noticeable plus if you are riding on a surface that is so smooth that you can actually feel that the wheel is vibrating i would suggest to sell the bike and get a skateboard is a lot less money :cry: :cry: :cry:

hope this helps :cry:

Ok so the rim lock has nothing to do with the actual fixing of a flat? Thanks guys

Rim locks can make fixing a flat a little harder because it is another thing to deal with getting the tire off and on. However, the point is, a rim lock helps to prevent flats by preventing tire creep on the rim. If the tire creeps on the rim it pulls the stem out of the tube. Generally 1 rim lock on the rear is the accepted practice. Some will run 1 front and 2 rear.

Another thing about Rim-locks is that if you do get a flat while on the trail if its not to far you can ride it out or at least to a spot to work on it, most of the time without ruining the tube.

I run one on the front and one on the rear but I think two on the rear is better. I have my wheels balanced with lead weight so when I get on the asphalt between trails I can run it up to the point that the rev limiter says that’s it, and my bike is as smooth as knobbies can be. :cry:


I just went dualsport on my E and removed the front rimlock for balance reasons.

I doubt most of us wannabe dirtbickers ride hard enough or break hard enough to need them for saving the valve stem.

Just check your tires before you ride and always run over 12 PSI. I generally run14 or 15 on both

is that the magic tire pressure you guys are at? under 12 definately rim lock? With the drz i never trailer im always riding to the trails so i dont generally drop the psi in my tire much because i have to ride home. 12psi on the street isnt fun on knobbies. So if i keep them over 14-15 you think it will be okay?


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