Listening to music while riding?

Has anyone ever tried this? Like a lot of people wear headphones at the gym to get in the right mindset, maybe it would help in mx?

What do you guys think of this?

It does, I do it all the time

Make damn sure you get an iRiver (

They are the absolute 'best' flash player ever made.

I've thought about this a lot and have come to the conclusion that for me, I'd rather hear my motor and those of closing riders. Riding takes a ton of concentration (for me) and although I train (in the gym) much better w/ music, I let the music of my engine work for me on the track.

the music doesnt get in the way too much (i dont keep it too loud that it drowneds things out onless im riding by myself or with slower riders), it does help me concentrate on what im doing. most of the time i cant hear the other rider behind me until they are ontop of me anyway. and my bike is loud enough i can still hear its soothing growl :cry:

yea i took a pair of headphones cut the speaker parts off then glued them into the little ear holes in my helmet. the chord is tucked up under the foam and my mp3 player i have zip tied to the inside of the face mask part. works well when i ride alone but i don't like using it around other cuz i can't hear them.

sounds like it would be to destrackting.

It doesnt sound like a good idea to me because you wont be able to hear ur bike and know your shift points and if something is not working right. Let alone you wont be able to hear your competitors. Just my opinion.

What happens if you wreck really bad though. Do you want to be laying on the ground in agony with some music blaring in your ear?

yeah i would never listen to music on the track. sometimes though i sing when i ride.

Do you want to be laying on the ground in agony with some music blaring in your ear?


My point exactly.

Music in the pits you bet. Music on the track never. You could miss information like the panic rev from the rider in front of you that you can't see. Or the thud of him and his bike pile driving into the ground. The bystander yelling that theres a pileup in the blind corner ahead. Or the rattle of some loose part on the bike. Or the get out of my way rev from the faster rider trying to get by in the one line section of the track.

I like to hear my bike screem for more......

I never race and only ride trails but I can see a safty issue as well.

I snowboard with tunes all the time, in fact I feel naked on the slopes if I forget my MP3. again too loud is not good.

MY 2cents

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