any quiet pipe for a 91xr250r?


any quiet pipe for a 91xr250r?

can i put in a 96 or newer pipe?

can i do anything on the old stock pipe

to get abit more power?


I put a '96 pipe on my XR and put a vortip in it. That's an excellent compromise. I had a SuperTrapp, but it was too noisy. Anything later than '96 will accept a Vortip (or Baja Designs - Vortip isn't around any more).

Some have the end cap welded in place so they're harder to get out. I cut mine out with a wood hole saw. Didn't do the saw a lot of good but it worked great.


I'm assuming using a 96 or newer pipe on an older model XR isn't a simple bolt on procedure? What all did you have to do?


further to my question,

is there exhaust packing in the old pipe?

i was tinking of cutting it open to see if anything can be done to it&

maybe repack it afterwards,

I made a nice bracket from 1/16 steel that reached from the seat mount to the fender mount on the inside of the fender. I put a hole in the right place for the rear muffler mount. The front mount bolts right on. I thought I'd have to do something fancy like cut and re-weld the pipe, because there is about 1/4" less engagement at the header, but I've put about 2,000 miles on it like that, with no problems.

It's quiet, gives more power, and looks good.


further to my question,

is there exhaust packing in the old pipe?

i was tinking of cutting it open to see if anything can be done to it&

maybe repack it afterwards,

I'm pretty sure the old pipes (pre 96) have no packing. Just the turbine style spark arrestor. If you are handy and a bit of a fabricator, you could rework the stock insert to flow a larger diameter - to make it 1/2 way between the loud no-insert mode and the gutless insert in mode.

Here is what is in the newer pipes (400, I'm assuming the 250 is the same)

Q: What other noise deadening stuff is inside the stock pipe?

A: There is about 2.5lbs of stuff inside the walls of the stock pipe.

Once the header pipe enters the tapered/cone section, it joins into

another pipe slightly larger in diameter than the headpipe. You can see

the other end of this pipe when you look in the back with the stainless

steel tip out. This additional pipe has a perforated section which is

wrapped with a loosely fitting powerbomb that has a thin layer of glass

packing that is protected from the perforations by another thin layer of

stainless steel wool. There is about a 1/2" hole in the pipe at the edge

of the powerbomb that allows pressure equalization into the tapered

chamber section of the pipe. A large disk seals this chamber to the

powerbomb pipe right where the tapered section is welded to the 4" muffler

tube. From there, the muffler tube is lined with a thin layer of glass

packing, then stainless wool, and finally the perforated metal that you can

see when the tip is out of the pipe. The packing on the muffler tube walls

does most of the noise deadening when you are using a free flowing exhaust


The origonal Muffler does not have any packing in the actual muffler. But it does have packing in the standard Baffel. The Bulged part in the baffel is full of packing.

If by original, you mean the '96 to 2004 XR400 muffler can (the black part) then it DOES have packing (above and beyond any in the stainless steel tip). It is behind the steel with all the perforations (as listed above) and is non-serviceable. Unless you count a hacksaw and welder as normal service tools... :cry:

Oh ok, well there you go then!

I saw the perforations in the inside of the actual muffler, but I didnt think there was actually packing behind there!

But, if you say so! :cry:

thanks for all replies,

guess gotta get the post 96 pipe then,


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