Discolored endcap and liscence plate. Is this a problem?

My liscence plate and encap are starting to get exhaust build up on them. Have never noticed this before. Is this a sign of anything? On my last oil change I dumped in 2 full quarts for the first time based on recommendations here. Could I be burning excess oil out? :cry: Thanks.

A picture would be great. My end cap is of somewhat gold color, if I look inside I see clean galvanized steel the screen is claen and light gray(lead).(everything is dry) 21,000+ miles

If your saying you got some some wet oil film coming out your exhaust, I'd say you got an issue. I use liter bottles of oil , so I've never done the 2 quart deal and forget the stick.

Thats normal.

If your realy worried check your spark plug for oil.

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