honda cr 500e ( is it for me)

Hey people, i was wondering if anyone here has ridden a cr500e coz i am looking into buying an 02 model which i can pick up for a reasonably cheap price. I personally don't like the graphics on the 02 models but i can change that.

Does this bike have good acceleration as i am a pretty aggressive rider. I plan on doing some modifications on it like perhaps an aftermarket exhaust for extra power.

a mate of mine rides an xr 650r which i find is a great bike but its too heavy for my kind of riding. will i be able to keep up with him on the dirt roads with the cr after mods coz i plan on doing alot of riding with him if i got the bike.


The only problem you will have if you are agressive enough to use what the CR500 has to offer is waiting for the guy with the BRP! is up to you but I doubt that you will be using everything the CR5 has to offer...they are very fast! There is nothing like open class 2 smoke power!

The easy mod on the later ones is to get one of the older cylinders and heads. You can play back and forth. If you are agressive as you say you will enjoy it. It is one of the bikes I will probably keep forever. Though I seldom ride mine anymore. With stock gearing your friend will have top end on you. If you gear to match him you will have a low that is happy at say 40 mph. Mine has a 15/48 combo. Breaks 100 on a GPS with an 87 cylinder and 86 head.

I am surprised that anyone who is agressive doesnt know about this bike already. It kind of redifines agressive.

Yeah, I haven't ridden mine since I got my BRP! Took it out of the garage the other day and rode it around the neighborhood. These CR500R's are great bikes! She started right up and was nice and crisp. Gonna take her out soon. 4_Stroker, I don't know where you live but if traction is an issue, hooking up with the 500 can be interesting. The big 4 strokes will pulse away from you. If you have will launch into orbit with a big-a** grin on your face! Have fun and get both! I did!

thanks for the help guys. After some thought i made my mind up and decided i will buy the cr. I live in south australia and theres alot of hard clay surfaces around my place so getting traction on the 500 shouldn't be a prob. I'll be able to test out the full speed and power of the bike when i register it and take it on the street. i'll only be riding short distance on the street just to get to the nearest mx track.

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