Is this fast for a xr100?

I have a 2000 XR100 and i recently put on a schwinn speedometer on it. I was wondering, i went 53mph, is this pretty good for a pretty much stock xr100? i was pretty happy because i though they only went 40-45. thanks

Mine went about 51 right out of the box so I think your estimate is close. :cry:

yeah thats a nice speed...but its said that speedometers are said to be off by around 12%, so you could be only doing 46 or guess would be from 46-51 cause i hear a ttr only does like 55...on a good day

Yea, last time i had the schwinn speedometer on my bmx bike, i rode it down my hill, and it said i was doing 71mph. :cry: :cry: :lol::cry: :cry: :cry: I was only doing around 35. I know they can be off, i know from experience, but, thanks for your answers. :lol:

Wow didnt know my little 100 went that fast. I thought maybe top of 40 or so. :cry: :cry:

I mounted my gps on my kid's '02XR100R and used the speedometer function to check top speed. With a 12t countershaft sprocket and a stock rear I was able to get 38mph. It was wound tight so if I was to go back to a 13t countershaft sprocket I could see mid 40's.

I was pretty suprised, now i can boast to my KX riding friends. :cry: :cry:

Yeah I just put a speedo on my 200 and found it did about 85kph wound out, I had had a feeling it would be something like this but was hoping more. Sorry about being in kilometers not miles as I'm no familer with miles.


Looks like 96xr200 was clocking around 52-53 miles per hour by using this handy conversion link speed conversion

Wow thats cool thanks, I'll try and use that for miles from now on.

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