Fun with gps

Rode locust stake, a state trail, with the XR400 today, mapped it as best the gps could, the tree's mess with the gps pretty good, used a garmen legend C, nice little unit, color, the reception in the woods was better than I thought it would be, I really expected worse results.

I will be creating similar tracks when we go up to the forest service roads up in north georgia

For those that hate not having maps, you can print right from most of these programs, switch to TOPO view and you'll get the topographic map, some retail programs will have better maps, these are all free

gpx for those interested, download this, and then get a copy of earthquakemap or wissenbach and load the gpx up

I used quakemap for these sat & topo images

this one is from wissenbach map3d (pita to setup & use)

and my favorite, wissenbach again, showing a 3d view so you can see the elevation changes

Wissenbach is neat, you can move all around in 3d on the map, showing elevation etc, its difficult to use, load the gpx, then figure out what elevation files it needs, and download those from another site. The wissenbach website details how to do it.

That is very good work. And thanks for the links. I am a professional land surveyor in the business of creating 3D terrain models, topo maps and aerial photo overlays for transportation engineering. My final products are much higher resolution and much more detailed, but I plan my work and make proposal presentations using those exact same resources you used to create your maps. So I like your work.

I used the roll chart from last year to plot the Shenandoah 500 route on USGS topo and aerial photos to generate coordinates and plot a good map in case I missed a turn again. Unfortunately I couldn't make the event this year to use it or see how it compared to the actual logged GPS route. I will have to download that software and transfer my routes to it and check it out.


the software will use detailed maps, png, tiff, etc, however I have not found a source for new, color, or more detailed maps, without paying a price, so far all this stuff is free

I like the 3 d map.

Have you guys tried USA Photomaps?

It can be found here:

I'm a GPS newbie, but I like USA Photomaps. Pretty easy to use and it creates maps from terraserver (arial or topo). And you can't beat the price! (freeware)

I use photomaps too, but I did not like it as much as quakemap or wissenbach

both are free too

all of these use a large scale topo map, if you want real detail you need to get National Geographic's state by state (99 $ each) 7.5 minute maps

pretty sure delorome uses 7.5 min maps too, but that's 99 $ and they charge you for downloading maps

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