it won't tick over

ive just taken delivery of my new xr650r un-packed it from its crate put it together 'great'

fired it up on full choke started no probs let it warm up then knock off the choke it just dies it will not tick over ive tried the idle screw but this does not have much effect there must be a simple solution can anyone help

Once your bike is uncorked, it will likely start easier along with having a lot more power.

To start this beast cold, try the following steps:

1) Turn the fuel on.

2) Put the choke on all the way.

3) Make sure you idle is turned up enough.

4) Make sure you do NOT give it any throttle until after your bike is idling for a few seconds! Some people find it best to grab the front brake while kicking, which keeps your hand from twisting the throttle while you kick. Give this a try because it works.

5) Slowly kick your bike over until you find that point of stiff resistance at TDC. If you've found TDC and there's not a lot of resistance, continue to slowly kick the bike until you find that point of stiff resistance. The auto-decompressor on these bikes sometimes doesn't work too well, so make sure you've found that point of stiff resistance at TDC, otherwise your kick will be wasted.

6) Pull the compression release in and kick the bike just slightly past TDC.

7) Let off the compression release.

8) Give it a firm but smooth kick without giving it any gas.

9) Repeat steps 4 - 8 until she fires up.

If your bike is flooded, then try the following:

1) Turn off your fuel.

2) Pull in compression release.

3) Hold your throttle wide open.

4) Depress the kill switch.

5) Kick through with the compression release pulled in about 6-10 times.

6) Let off the kill switch.

7) Close the throttle.

8) Turn on your fuel.

9) Kick thru as above (good smooth firm stroke).

starting it is not the problem thanks

it starts ok but when it knock off the choke it instantly dies (even when warmed up)

then ride it w/ the choke on. what can u lose? it sounds lean to me also hold it on some throttle while turning off the choke.

Fraz, it sounds like you bought an imported

model thats all choked up. There are details

of the steps you need to do to uncork it.

Probably on this list and also on yahoo

groups xr650r. I suggest you check which

main jet you have in and replace it with a 175.

To access the jet, loosen two jubille clips

at carb, twist carb round so that bottom

of carb is accessable to you, take off

drainage nut, unscrew main jet just within.

cheers, Craig

My brother in law bought his new and it would barely idle when it was stock. He removed the insert in the silencer and it helped a lot. He's since done the power up mods and is very pleased with the performance.

Something isn't set right on your carb. Perhaps a jet rattled loose in shipment. You mention you put it together yourself, so it would not surprise me. It might be worth a call to a dealer's service folk to see if this is a common occurrence when setting up new bikes. It for sure should idle.

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