AUTO clutch????

Anyone out there have heard about a auto clutch system for the KLX 300?? I can find a system for the 400, I was wondering if the clutch plates for the 400 would fit a 300?

Rekluse will make a z-start system for it eventually... go to

and fill that out and theyll let you know when it is made for your bike.

other than that, I'm not sure... :cry:

Thanks Jenz..

The 400 is a Suzuki DRZ in green plastic so the likelyhood of the clutch interchanging with the 300 is minimal.

Ride on


yeah, you'll have better luck trying to fit the KX125 clutch since the KLX clutch actually says KX125 on it...

I'll have to look into that, KX 125 clutch plates. Thanks for the heads up.

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