CRFX -- XR of the future?

Ok, Ok . I finally broke down and bought a CRF250X. Just thought I'd share my views on the bike so far. Just some "real-world observations." For a little background, I have been an XR convert since I bought a brand new 1986 XR 250. I rode the snot out of that little bike and ownership of several XR's has followed. I have fitted them with paddles and roosted in the dunes, ridden then through countless miles of dez, and thouroughly thrashed them in the mud and rocks of our local mountains.

And I never- I mean NEVER- had one of them break so badly that I was forced to walk back to the truck. I love XR's.

That being said, I recently purchased an '04 CRF250X. I couldn't stand it anymore. After drooling over them at the local shops, I just had to have one...I broke, O.K.?

So, after a few hours on the X, here are my humble observations-

1)Speed- Stock, the CRFX is slow. In the desert washes, I am constantly looking for a higher gear. My XR4 will stomp it in a long wash.

2)Hero Factor- In tight stuff, the CRFX makes you feel like a hero. Oh, my XR4 will negotiate the same obstacles, but it doesn't always make me feel like a hero while doing so.

And the CRFX does it more quickly.

3) Ride- The suspension on the CRFX rocks. Simply amazing. In the dez, it deflects where the XR4 does not. You are kept busier, as the CRF demands more input. This is not neccesarily a bad thing, because with the proper input, the rewards are palpable. When I get on the XR4 after getting off the CRF, the XR rides so much like a couch, I keep reaching for the TV remote. This is not neccesarily a bad thing, because you can get a little lazy on the XR and it'll take care of you.

4) Reliability- The jury is out on this one, but there are reports on the CRF250 board of valve problems and burning oil. I have not experienced any problems yet, but the XR is more dependable than the claw hammer in my toolbox.

5) Fun Factor- the CRFX is a hoot. Jumping my XR4 is like jumping a shopping cart full of bowling balls. I know a lot of you guys jump your XR's, but I am convinced you are nuts.

XR's are OK thru whoops, but the little CRF is a lot less nervous and easier to save in an "emergency."

Conclusion- Comparing the bikes is like comparing apples and oranges. They are completely different in every way.

If I could only have one bike, it would be...

an XR, hands down. The bike is a do-it-all machine. It's like the family car. I will keep mine, thank-you, and will be counting on it to deliver me, in one piece, to Las Vegas this Thanksgiving weekend.

The CRFX is like my "mid-life crisis" sports car. I have found the CRFX to be the first bike I hop on when I go camping in the dez. It is WAY more of a hoot than the XR.

Solution? Buy one of each. :cry: It's good to be me.

Nice overview lets us know how it holds up!

I stopped by Mainjet's house a few weeks ago. He has a 250X. His is dualsported. He also has an older XR400. He had just got back from Utah and a long ride on the 250X. He was raving about the 250X, but said the same thing about the xr. He plans to keep both. He told me the valve problems may be rider related. People trying to coax too much out of the 250. He's had zero problems with his. They look so damn cute all dualsported.

Felt very much the same way last year when I rode one

Needs to be geared higher for Desert DS rides, For the tight Mountain stuff it would be great stock.

They make a tank for it yet?


Woods has a personal one, ask for a demo ride :cry:

Clarke has a 3 gallon, but it didnt fit my 250x, I couldnt get the shrouds to mount up to it. I will go with the 4 gallon tank from IMS(no shrouds). It looks nice on the bike too.

I just can't see the 250X as a DS bike. Might made a great Enduro bike.

the crf 250x will never be the XR of the future. sounds like the little engine that couldn't in a frame that is world class.

After 400 miles on my new KTM 450 MXC I had the chance to ride my old 02' XR250 that I sold to a friend. I remember thinking before I sold it "I guess I could live with this bike, it gets me where I'm going...Hmmmn" Well after riding the XR250 I thought "Who was I kidding - THANK GOD I bought the KTM." The 250 felt like a mini-bike that ran out of gears. I could not get it into 4th going up a hill - not enough guts. I tried my hardest to keep with my my buddy riding my KTM - NO LUCK! When we got to the top of the hill his Grin Factor said it all! Oh yeah - he's selling his Xr250 now and looking for a KTM or an XR400.

I think Honda will phase out the XR's over time and people will change because they have to or they will buy older bikes.

Just my .02c

the crf 250x will never be the XR of the future. sounds like the little engine that couldn't in a frame that is world class.

Ohh please...boy are you wrong :cry:

So what you're saying is the frame ISN'T world class???? LOL

Yea right!! sure..hahahah

just thought i would jump in with my two pesos worth...

for sure the CRF250X has very sensitive intake valve issues. In fact Honda now has a bulletin out about this. Party line at Honda is that the cause is a dirty airfilter. That is--stuff getting past the filter.

For now i will trust Honda and go along with the idea the airfilter is to blame.

We are racing a CRF250X in the Baja 1000. The race mods include the HRC X cam, a GPR dampner, 4 gallon IMS tank, 35 watt Tecate Baja Designs HID light, 48 tooth rear sprocket, and of course the rewound stator.

Testing in Baja has gone well. The bike can pull the gearing-and do about 80mph. The lights are lite enough for that small bike. All in all its a great set up.

One really nice advantage is that we will go 150 miles between pits--giving us 40 minutes in total pit stop savings compared to the YZ 2 smokes.

As per Honda's recommendation we will start with VERY loose valves and we will be changing the airfilter at each of our 6 pits.

We will have a very new rider take the bike the first 30 miles (he's paying for everything!)--but after that two pro level riders will charge hard but smart down the penninsula.

The CRF250X IS race ready and about to be baja tested!

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